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Game #1: Coloring book for kids, toddlers and preschoolers
Color the animals
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Crayons, brushes, papers everywhere? Now you can feel the difference with our new coloring book right on your favorite device. Interesting, creative, educational - exactly what you and your child want.

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second screen of coloring book for kids
third screen color the animals game
Game #1: Match the jungle animals game (Pair match) for kids, toddlers and preschoolers
Memory(Pair match) game
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Pair Matching Memory game for toddlers and preschoolers is the perfect choice for those parents who know how to use technologies in the educational process of their children. This game will develop children memory skills, hand-eye coordination  and will give you hours of peace and silence.

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First screenshot of memory match game for kids
Second screenshot of pair match game for toodlers
Thirs screenshot of match jungle animals game for preschoolers
Game #3: Cute baby animals in puzzles for kids, toddlers and preschoolers
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Kids Puzzle icon (african pig)
Animals in Puzzles: Africa logo

Parents need our puzzle game to mix learning and playing for their kids. It is a classic game with amazing and unique graphics. Your toddler will adore our cute baby animals and you will see how smart he is.

First screnshot of puzzles game for kids (elephant)
Second screenshot of cute baby jungle animals in puzzles
Third screenshot of african animals in jigsaw puzzle (Tiger)
Game #4: My first words with cute baby african animals
a b c letter cards
My first words logo
Second screenshot of my first words game for kids

Let's understand the relationship between letters, their names and sounds. Together we will write, pronounce and spell correctly our first words. Spend productively your leisure time with your intelligent kids, using our educational game.

First screenshot of abc game for toodlers
Third screenshot of animals in words game for preschoolers

Play and Learn:

Cute baby animals from Africa

Created for kids from 2 years old

Develop memory skills

Enhance creativity and imagination

Learn letters, their names and sounds

Write, pronounce and spell correctly the words

Easy to learn and control

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